Gov 2.0 Summit Videos

Monday, September 14, 2009 | 11:45 AM


If you weren't able to make the Gov 2.0 Summit last week in DC, you're in luck - videos of most presentations are now online.

A few Googlers had the chance to participate as speakers.

John Markoff of the New York Times led a discussion about developing an effective platform with TCP/IP creator and Googler Vint Cerf, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and Facebook's Tim Sparapani.

And as we mentioned on a previous post, Tim O'Reilly interviewed Google's Chief Economist Hal Varian about how government can take advantage of real time data and economic indicators.

We'll post an update when Ola Rosling's presentation on public data search and visualization is online.

Posted by Ginny Hunt, Public Sector team


Steve Guengerich said...

I attended the event and it was great, as was the Google-hosted reception the night before the Summit. Humorous sidebar: Someone definitely needs to school Vint in proper twitter vocabulary. Pretty funny use by him of aberrant form of "tweet" that the panel did a good job to quickly move on from that Vint couldn't help but get a little red-faced about. I'm sure it's *never happenned* to the folks at twitter before [wink].

devduttc22 said...

i like google blopg dir

ThePriselive said...

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