Bring Moderator More Places: Facebook, Maps, Android and More

Thursday, May 13, 2010 | 2:10 PM


We created Google Moderator to empower citizens across the world to directly connect with their government officials, and part of that mission is making Moderator available to as many people as possible. Last month, we powered the YouTube/Facebook Digital Debate in the UK, where over 10,000 people participated in asking and selecting questions via YouTube and Facebook for party leaders David Cameron, Nick Clegg, and Gordon Brown. This is the first time we've brought Moderator to Facebook, and we're excited to be making it available to more people.

We've also been hearing from people who want to tightly integrate Moderator into their own sites and apps. To make that possible, this week over at the Google Code Blog we announced the new Google Moderator API, which allows you to create custom interfaces for Moderator. Inside Google, we've already used it to build an Android app, a Wave gadget, and a visualization of where questions came from when Moderator was used to interview President Obama.

We're excited to see what you can build, so read the announcement for more details and check out the API to get started!